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I first heard about Mission of Miracles (MOM) last year from a friend / associate from the medical clinic where we work. He told me of the medical mission to El Salvador which immediately piqued my interest because I had wanted to participate in a medical mission for many years and the timing was perfect for me to commit. He had participated in the mission 3 or 4 times and spoke of what a joy it was to be part of the team.

It seemed to be a great way to utilize my medical expertise as well as fulfill a lifetime personal goal. Also I knew El Salvador was a Spanish speaking country and I had been interested in learning the language.  I then decided to take an adult education Conversational Spanish Class prior to embarking on the mission.

Preparation for the mission was efficiently orchestrated by a wonderful core team which really made it easy to feel prepared and at ease upon departure to El Salvador.

On arrival to San Salvador we were warmly greeted by the Medical doctor, Daniella, who welcomed us all with open arms.  

Five days of clinic took us to remote villages, each with its own unique needs and challenges.  Driving to these villages, 1-2+ hours from San Salvador, gave us the opportunity to see the beautiful countryside which was surprisingly diverse with mountains, ocean, volcanoes and farm land.

The clinic days flew by filled with patients of all ages and health concerns.  I found them to be extremely patient (waiting hours to be seen), thankful and loving (hugs were plentiful).  I was humbled, finding there was much to be learned from these people of limited means.

The missionary staff – medical practitioners, nurses, students, assistants, spiritual mentors and interpreters were so helpful.  All were excellent in their roles, supportive and dedicated to the mission.

The 2014 MOM was an incredible experience for me.  It broadened my horizons and I am very grateful to have been part of the team.   I pray for the people in need in El Salvador that in time with ongoing education, love and support their lives will continue to be enriched. Undoubtedly, they have enriched my life.

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