Archive: Emilee’s Reflection, 2014 Mission

Upon arriving back in the United States after my experience with Mission of Miracles trip, I had already decided I would like to return to El Salvador. I was both impressed and inspired by the coordination and hard work of every volunteer on the trip- from the dentists, pharmacists, doctors, nurses, ministry and bus drivers!

When asked by my friends, family and college professors how my trip was, what my favorite part was and what kinds of things I saw I wasn’t sure how to respond. There aren’t many words that can adequately translate the emotions and memories I have from this trip. I witnessed and was a part of true miracles.

 In each village we went to, the Mission of Miracles team shared knowledge, hope and helping hands in the purest sense. I gained not only a sense of community but also a better understanding of the capabilities of medicine, teamwork and interdisciplinary healthcare. Being out with the Salvadorians was really an honor and an experience I will hold dear to my heart. I gained much more than valuable nursing skills, but a greater understanding of the power of providing service to others.

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