2020 Mission of Miracles team is getting ready to go.

The 2020 Mission team is getting ready to go.  Saturday, January 18th, we are meeting at St James in Skaneateles in the morning for packing day. For more detail on packing day please read the previous post to the website on the News tab titled “Packing Day:  The final step to building a Mission team”.  Once everything is packed the team is ready to go.  The early team leaves for San Salvador on Wednesday, January 29th to start setting up the Mission.  On Saturday February 1st the rest of the team arrives to help finish the setup.  Sunday is dedicated to meetings to review the processes, making final preparations and getting supplies ready to be packed up on the trucks and van.  Also, this in when our translators arrive, most of them already great friends.

We are all excited and can’t wait to get started.

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