2020 Mission

So much has happened in the world since the 2020 Mission of Miracles campaign was completed and we apologize for the lateness of this posting. With all the sadness the world is facing today, we are happy to report that this year’s mission was another success story. From the time the early team arrived in San Salvador on January 29th to the time the entire team left on February 9th everything went as anticipated. It’s almost like we have done this before.
As with any organization, the success of the Mission can be attributed to several groups of people. First is the generosity and support of the people who donate to the Mission as well as the parishes of the Episcopal Diocese of CNY. Without all the support the Mission would not be able to help the people of El Salvador. Next is the dedicated and focused planning committee who work through out the year to make the Mission a success. Finally, are the providers, nurses, support workers, interpreters, cooks and drivers that make up the team. This group of hard-working people are the key to the success of each Mission and this year’s group was no exception. The days are long and hard but every day these people were there to make things happen. It is a blessing to have them be part of the Mission.
The Mission again set up it’s clinics in five rural villages in El Salvador; Izalco, Salinas, El Maizal, El Congo, and Las Bromas. In each village we set up a medical team, dental team, vision team, nutrition team, and pastoral care. EGK’s were also done. Below are the totals for each team as well as the top diagnosis for each.

Medical Total: 473
Hypertension 142
Headaches/Migraines 113
Muscle Aches 75
Allergies/rhinitis 71
Diabetes 71

Dental Total: 151
Cleaning 103
Extraction 38
Filling 31
Restoration 30

Vision Totals: 319
Artificial tears 183
Dry eyes 153
Glasses 89
Pterygium 50

Nutrition Totals: 43
Diabetes 23
Hypertension 15
Obesity 14

Pastoral Care Totals: 35
Anxiety 19
Fear 15
Stress 15
Sadness 13

EKG Total: 53

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