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Read personal reflections from past missions.

The project that requires a trip to a foreign country I had never been fascinated me. A medical mission, translator, and El Salvador. The idea of using my skill to help others who live in a completely different culture made me persuade my parents to pay for the trip. Although I decided to this medical mission as my Senior Thesis Project, I knew nothing about El Salvador except that they need medical help and speak Spanish.

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When I went on the Mission of Miracles trip for the first time in 2013, I was just as nervous as I was excited. I had no clue what to expect, having never done something like this before and not knowing anybody except for my mom. Luckily, the group of people who attend this trip are some of the most amazing people I have ever met. From day one they made me feel welcome and comfortable in this unfamiliar environment.

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I first heard about Mission of Miracles (MOM) last year from a friend / associate from the medical clinic where we work. He told me of the medical mission to El Salvador which immediately piqued my interest because I had wanted to participate in a medical mission for many years and the timing was perfect for me to commit. He had participated in the mission 3 or 4 times and spoke of what a joy it was to be part of the team.

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