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Mission News

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Mission News

In February the 2016 Mission of Miracles team traveled to five villages in rural El Salvador.   We got to see some old friends again and met some new friends at the same time.  During the visits we touched the lives of 1029 people and their families.  They in turn touched us with their patience, kindness, appreciation and love.

This year’s Mission consisted of a medical team, dental team, vision team, a nutrition team and a pastoral care team.  Each of these teams contributed to the success of the mission. Of course the success of the Mission could not happen without the help of our amazing El Salvadorian team.  This includes the doctors, dentists, nurses, diocesan office staff, translators and drivers.

Of the 1029 people we saw, 80 were under five years old, 226 were between ages five and eighteen, and 723 were over eighteen years old

Listed below is the breakdown by team.

Team                    # Patients                 Top diagnosis                                                       

Medical                467                            Headaches (89)

                                                            Hypertension (68)

                                                            Anemia (48)

                                                            Upper Respiratory Infection (35)

                                                            Post Chickagunya (32)

                                                            Chronic Kidney Disease (11)


Dental                  188                           Cleaning (62)

                                                            Extraction (51)

                                                            Fillings (48)

                                                            Restoration (41)


Vision                   289                           Dry eyes (79)

                                                            Cataracts (42)

                                                            P Terygium (37)

                                                            Headaches (32)


Nutrition              52                              Hypertension





Pastoral Care      33                              Stress/Anxiety